First Gudgeon skipper, Elton W. "Jumping Joe" Grenfell being decorated
(L to R) Edward Hammond (Sedalia, Mo.), Dominick Coribisere, John Nye and Ron Schooley drinking at The Irisher Club in San Francisco, 1943.
Joe Grenfell (far R) being decorated. It is believed that the officer, 3rd from the left is Lewis S. Parks

Dixie Farrell after the war.  All Dixie Farrell photos are courtesy of the Dixie Farrell Submarine Force Museum
Quent Russell "George" Seiler, Connellsville, Pa., Gudgeon torpedoman
Robert Edson "Dusty" Dornin on deck of Gudgeon
Joe Grenfell, (Fall River, Ma.) on deck of Gudgeon at commissioning ceremony, Mare Island, Ca.
Gudgeon Submariners Who Survived Their Service on Gudgeon
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Jumping Joe Grenfell at
Pearl Harbor
Joe Grenfell decorating
sailor after service on Gudgeon
Exhausted Vice Admiral Elton W. "Joe" Grenfell retires, 9-2-64
Officers being decorated.  They are believed to be (Front L to R) unknown officer, Freddy Warder, Lewis Parks, unknown officer, Joe Grenfell, Stanley Mosely and unknown officer.
Dixie Farrell (R).  Photo courtesy of Dixie Farrell Submarie Force Museum.
Gudgeon Skipper Joe Grenfell