The Lyons Press
Guilford, Connecticut
ISBN: 1-59228-862-6
512 pp.
Print Date: 8-1-06

The first edition of Find 'Em Chase 'Em Sink 'Em is out of print.  I have a few new editions around the home.  If you would like one write me at and I sell it at retail ($26.95).

Bookplates  signed by former Gudgeon submariners are still available.
On  April 7, 1944,  the battle hardened USS Gudgeon (SS-211) slowly pulled away from tiny Johnston Island.  Among those on board were Lt. Commander Robert A. Bonin, Lt. jg William C. Ostlund. and 77 other men. They were never seen or heard from again.  This is their story.    The whole story.
Find  'Em  Chase 'Em  Sink  'Em
The Mysterious Loss of the WW II Submarine USS Gudgeon
Mike Ostlund
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Gudgeon in San Francisco Bay between
8th and 9th Patrols
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The Story of the USS Gudgeon
The release of the second edition of Find 'Em Chase 'Em Sink 'Em.  The second edition, published by The Lyons Press, was released November 8, 2011.  It has been updated, containing fifty additional pages of the Gudgeon story, much of which derives from interviews of former Gudgeon torpedoman Chuck Ver Valin who served on Gudgeon's first four war patrols after the first book was published. Chuck then transferred to the USS Grenadier which was sunk April 22, 1943.  Ver Valin, along with Albert Rupp and two other former Gudgeon submariners were taken prisoner. Chuck tells the sometimes very humorous tales of the Gudgeon crew both on and off the submarine. He also tells the cruel story of his time as a POW. Chuck adds important factual information about the submarine's first four war patrols rounding out the complete story of the Gudgeon and her crew.

The author believes that with these and other additions and changes the second edition is even more enjoyable and informative than the first edition. The 2nd edition contains photos of 48 of the 81 men who died during the war as well as updated charts of the Gudgeon's battles and sinkings. The reworked skipper and sinking data derives from the latest book by Craig R. McDonald and John D. Alden entitled.  United States and Allied Submarine Successes in the Pacific and Far East During World War II (4th Edition).
Navy personnel, including many WW II submariners were exposed to mesothelioma during their years of service.  For further information go to:

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Remembering Bill Ostlund
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USS Gudgeon
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Official casualty list 1945
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Gudgeon officer contingent at PUC ceremony, PH
December 27, 1943.  Five of these officers died on 
the 12th patrol.